I must post an official apology for the incorrect team scores announced Sunday morning. The scoring system went down and we calculated the scores via a spreadsheet. I mistakenly calculated the team scores only using the senior age group and this caused the mistake. It is totally my fault. Below is the correct team scores from those sessions. 

Thank you so much for attending our meet. I am sorry that the awards did not reflect the correct results of the hard work the gymnasts and coaches put in to this meet.  ~ Tom Forster, Meet Director

Sunday Session 22 Level 7
1st    Xtreme Altitude     113.750
2nd  Emerald City          112.750
3rd   Hunts Gymnastics  111.450

Sunday Session 23 Level 6
1st    Chow's Gymnastics  113.350
2nd  5280 Gymnastics      112.100
3rd   CGI                          111.675